Doll Diva’s Exclusive Oct. 2009



Doll Diva’s Exclusive Oct. 2009, originally uploaded by Robsdolls™.

Announcing my first Doll Diva’s Exclusive fashion for this year! It was posted today on Doll Diva’s message board. There were two styles, the cityscape print and and Eiffel Tower print.

NOH8 – Speak out – change the world!

NOH8 – Speak out – change the world!, originally uploaded by Robsdolls™.  Visit the official website for the NOH8 Campaign!

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The time is now for everyone to speak out and make a difference in the world. We can end discrimination one person at a time, stand up, speak out, and change the world.

Raven Debut reroot commission

Another Debut reroot commission., originally uploaded by Robsdolls™.

Another Silkstone Barbie “Debut” commission, this time in Raven. A raven version of this doll was made for the Paris Doll Convention this year, but they were very limited and on the secondary market were really high in price. So I have done many of these reroots, of course I paint the brows black to match the hair. I also do them in various shades of red.

“P.S. I Love You” Kyori IFDC Charity Doll

“P.S. I Love You” Kyori Charity Doll, originally uploaded by Robsdolls™.

This year I was lucky enough to collaborate with Randall Craig again on a doll for the IFDC chrity auction. Randall created the prototype one of a kind fashion and I provided the custom one of a kind doll. The doll has been fully rerooted and her face paint has been enhanced. Photo and styling courtesy of Randall Craig. I am so happy to report that the auction doll sold for $2,300.00 with all proceeds going to the Children Affected by Aids Charity. For more pictures check out my flickr page…

People keep saying I should have a blog, so here goes!


I am a doll artist and designer. I make custome one of a kind art dolls and small limited editions, with all work being done by hand. I also design dolls and doll fashions for a Japanese doll line. I sell my dolls through several Japanese doll shops as well as through my own website and at different doll conventions and events. My work has been featured in numerous magazines including Dolly Style magazine in Japan, FDQ (Fashion Doll Quarterly) and Barbie Bazaar. I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio, but travel quite a bit with my work. I am addicted to all things cute, especially Japanese toys. Thanks again for taking a look, feel free to flickr mail me! Peace… Rob