Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief efforts.

All our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Japan.

With the devistation many of us wonder what we can do.  Here is what I have done, and it may work for you too.

Lady Gaga is doing a bracelet with all proceeds going to Japan relief efforts.  The minimum donation is $5.00 but you can up the price to whatever you want to donate, and all the money goes directly to the Japanese relief.  Gaga has a huge fan base in Japan and is very active in that country.


Cyndi Lauper is in Japan right now, she was there for a concert event.  She is posting on Facebook that the easiest way to donate is to text the American Red Cross and that will automatically donate $10.00 to the relief effort for Japan. Cyndi Lauper is currently in Tokyo, Japan and asks that everyone who can support the relief efforts to please text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

You can also donate on line at the Red Cross website at this link and designate the donation to Japanese relief efforts.


Dolly Style Convention Dolls!

Dolly Style Convention Amelie, originally uploaded by Robsdolls™.

Official photos of the Dolly Style Japanese convention dolls! Here are the official photos from Dolly Style Magazine, the convention doll Amelie, and the Fashion Royalty companion doll is Vanessa. I just received the photos from one of my contacts in Japan to share with everyone. The names of the dolls are “Revisited: Tokyo Here We Go” Amelie, and “Night Warrior” Vanessa.

New Etsy Shop open!

Buddha mini, originally uploaded by Robsdolls™.

I just opened my new Etsy shop! I started out with some mini dresses for the skinny girls. The first set is made from various colors of cotton gauze fabric. Some are hand printed, and others have applique.
The new Etsy shop address is:
Take a look when you have time!

Doll Diva’s Exclusive Oct. 2009



Doll Diva’s Exclusive Oct. 2009, originally uploaded by Robsdolls™.

Announcing my first Doll Diva’s Exclusive fashion for this year! It was posted today on Doll Diva’s message board. There were two styles, the cityscape print and and Eiffel Tower print.

Pop Life Ken

Pop Life Ken, originally uploaded by Robsdolls™.

Limited edition platinum doll, limited to 999 dolls world wide. I was lucky to get him! Can’t wait for his arrival!

Come see the CDDC!

What is the CDDC you ask, well it is the Couture Doll Design Challenge.  It is the doll worlds answer to Project Runway! Featuring a talented group of designers from all over, pitting their wits and creative insights against each other challenge after challenge.  And the fun doesn’t stop there either, they also have a great group of regular panel judges and a special guest judge for each challenge.  I am lucky enough to be the special guest judge on the current challenge. The current challenge hits home and heart for me, “The Edge of Fashion”, the designers are challenged to create a casual fashion that is edgy and avant-garde, taking inspiration from Alexander McQueen and other famous avant-garde designers.  Those who know me, know that the avant-garde is my passion, and I love to put an edge to everything I do.  Oh, and did I mention the sponsors?  How about sponsors like FDQ magazine, and Robert Tonner among many other generous and fabulous doll people and companies!

So come check us out,  join the spectators and sing along!


Dania Centerpiece

Dania Centerpiece, originally uploaded by Robsdolls™.

View my photos of the Fashion Royalty convention on my Flickr pages! This year was the best FR convention to date, so many old friends and new faces. The dolls and events were spectacular. It always amazes me that Alain and the Integrity Toys team can top themselves each year, but they always do! I felt out of the loop having missed the IFDC and National Barbie conventions this year due to my moving, so I was excited and re-energized to be at the FR event!

NOH8 – Speak out – change the world!

NOH8 – Speak out – change the world!, originally uploaded by Robsdolls™.

http://www.noh8campaign.com/  Visit the official website for the NOH8 Campaign!

• Become a fan of NO H8 Campaign: http://www.facebook.com/noh8campaign

The time is now for everyone to speak out and make a difference in the world. We can end discrimination one person at a time, stand up, speak out, and change the world.

Raven Debut reroot commission

Another Debut reroot commission., originally uploaded by Robsdolls™.

Another Silkstone Barbie “Debut” commission, this time in Raven. A raven version of this doll was made for the Paris Doll Convention this year, but they were very limited and on the secondary market were really high in price. So I have done many of these reroots, of course I paint the brows black to match the hair. I also do them in various shades of red.

Boogie Beach Dynamite Girls

Boogie Beach Dynamite Girls, originally uploaded by Robsdolls™.

The latest line of Dynamite Girls is Boogie Beach! A fun in the sun mix of now and then that equals a big dose of FANTASTIC! Of course I want them all, but I would have to say my favorite in this line is Eltin with her red hair and cute face. Of course I love the “Party Poofs” that Reese is working, and that awesome fro on Aria! They are all so cute, who could get just one! They are now available for order from your favorite Integrity Toys dealer!